An uncompromising statement: I am opposed to adoption because adoption is opposed to the truth. I need to qualify this. I am opposed to the dominant idea of adoption in our society, and in other Western societies, which is that adoption is a nonbiological means of building…
I have said that adopted people owe no one gratitude for their adoptions. I’m going to explain this thought by linking it to the idea in my previous…
I want to state this as plainly and neutrally as possible, with no polemical intention: Adoption is absurd. When I call adoption absurd, I am not…
I picture my relationship to my childhood memories as something like the view, from an airplane at 30,000 feet, of cloud cover far below. Most of the…
I took to Twitter in what might have looked like a fit of pique, though for once I wasn’t piqued. I posted this: Why, though, is it “remarkably…
“Speak your truth” is good advice. Tell your story. Show due respect, of course, for others’ feelings, and for their privacy. But claim ownership over…
I joke that when I brought my adoptive father and two of my birth mother’s siblings together at my wedding last week, I was the evil mastermind bending…
Some philosophers believe there is a duty to adopt. They believe that people have a duty to adopt “children in need of parents” rather than to create…
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Poetry Notes from Han
Poetry Notes from Han
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